Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reasons to Love New York Part II

New York magazine (one of my very favorites) recently released their much anticipated 4th annual  Reasons to Love New York issue. This sparked a discussion in the Communications "pod" (of cubicles) and inspired us to ask around the Museum of Jewish Heritage and come up with our own reasons we love New York.

Public Transportation: Okay, we all complain about MTA. I have, in fact, complained about MTA on this very blog. However, where else in the world can you get anywhere you want 24 hours a day 7 days a week? From the Museum, I am within walking distance from the 1,2,3,4,5,A,E,R,W trains and several bus routes, which means that I can easily get pretty much anywhere.

"Everything comes to New York." -Joshua Kenney, Assistant Visitor Services Manager Art exhibitions, concerts, conferences, conventions, and pretty much anything else you can imagine eventually winds up in New York at some point. How many times have you seen a movie preview and gotten really excited for it only to hear at the end of the commercial "Showing in select cities!" Well, if you're not in New York or Los Angeles, you're probably out of luck. The Museum itself has recently been quite the hub for film premieres and screenings: Golden Globe nominee Defiance had several screenings in Edmond J. Safra Hall and, just last week Good premiered there as well.

Neighborhoods: I can think of few other places in the world that have as many sub cities as New York - Battery Park City, Alphabet City, Harlem, Washington Heights, Park Slope, The Village (East and West), Chelsea, Jackson Heights, Long Island City... the list goes on and on. Each street in each of these neighborhoods has its own energy, history, culture, and reputation. Exploring these neighborhoods and finding your favorite nooks ad crannies of each is a quintessential New York experience.

"There's a surprise around every corner" -Paula Mingo, Visitor Services It is perfectly possible to turn a corner and just stumble upon a huge street fair, a newly opened restaurant, or unique boutique. New York is a city of discovery: one is constantly finding new things to fall in love with. You put 8 million people in a small space, you're bound to find a bunch of them doing some interesting things...

"You can see a Broadway show on a Tuesday night." - Irene Resenly, Assistant Educator of Museum Internships A single street in New York has become synonamous with live entertainment around the world. Live theater in New York is an aspiration for millions: whether it be seeing a show or being in one. The best part about theater in the city, I think, is that it's not just limited to Broadway-- from the world-famous Apollo Theater uptown to Edmond J. Safra Hall, you can catch incredible performances all over New York.

"You can hear five languages before 9 a.m." -Me This is something I adore about New York: it is truly a world city. The Museum's Core Exhibition talks a lot about the immigrant experience and how Jews brought their languages and cultures with them wherever they went. The hundreds upon hundreds of cultures that make an appearance in New York have left their mark on its art, culture, industry, and...
"Food!" -Keika Shimmyo, Marketing Coordinator It's true. This was the most common answer I received when I asked staff members for a reason to love New York. And who can blame them? There are few other places where you can walk down a single street and have your choice of sushi, falafel, pasta, barbeque, or pad thai. Even the Museums have great food!

And, finally...
"Once you've lived in New York, everything else is just camping out." -Betsy (quoting her mom's neighbor)

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