Friday, May 1, 2009

We Are (a)MUSEd

Still glowing from last night’s successful opening of Beyond Swastika and Jim Crow, we now have the added pride of announcing some more good news: a Museum-created website, Living Museum, has been honored with a Muse Award, presented by the American Association of Museums.

The Muse Awards recognize outstanding achievement in museum media and are presented to institutions or independent producers which use digital media (such as websites, podcasts, multimedia installations, etc.) to enhance the museum experience and engage new audiences. Not to be too full of ourselves, but The Living Museum does just that; it is an interactive online venue where 5th and 6th grade students in Jewish schools create virtual exhibitions of artifacts that represent their heritage. The program begins with a visit to a local museum where students learn how to carefully study artifacts, and explore the composition of galleries to discover how objects are organized and displayed in a museum. Then, with the help of their parents, students choose meaningful artifacts or heirlooms from home that reflect their family history and Jewish heritage and upload images to the site. Some schools even have “classroom museums” to share these artifacts to their friends and teachers.

Judges described this site as “inspiring,” pointing out that this site engages parents and children to have conversations about their heritage, and helps show that everyone has a story worth sharing. 

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