Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Community Service Project

This blog is from Devina, our intern this week.

Every summer, the HSAPS organize and take part in a community service project. This year we met with Holocaust survivors from a group called Self Help for a day of tours, games, and companionship. As we walked through the Museum, my partner for the afternoon told me her story and how she believes that she is the youngest survivor of Auschwitz. I was in shock that she wanted to explore the 2nd floor (which deals with The War against the Jews) of the Museum after I gave an overview of all floors. She doesn’t have any children because she was afraid that they would face the same kind of anti-Semitism that she did . There’s no one to continue speaking about her after she passes, but I told her I would carry on her story and tell those who are willing to listen.

The community service project was a great way for us to interact with and get to know survivors. Throughout the internship, we have heard a survivor speak every week, and there have been so many different views and stories of this horrible time. The project showed me personally that although survivors have been through so much hardship, they can still have a positive outlook . They enjoyed playing Pictionary with us, they were really engaging, and they also shared funny stories. I want to thank the Community Service committee (Rebecca, Javier, Jairo, Freddy, and Mayra) for allowing me and my fellow HSAPs to be a part of their project.

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