Thursday, August 5, 2010

Welcome to A Taste of Our Heritage

This blog is from our HSAP of the week, Laila. In addition to being a big help to the Communications department this week, we very much enjoyed her cooking, too.

This year the High School Apprentices chose to share their heritage in a language that everyone speaks--food!

The 15 HSAPS come from all different countries around the world including China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Jamaica, Colombia, Ecuador, and many more. But, since we’re all so busy, we don’t get to learn much about each other.. So, every year the HSAPs plan an event that celebrates heritage. This year, we all brought food that we feel represents our background. We also brought in an artifact and music to complement our food offering. Each HSAP’s display included their traditional dish, the artifact, and the flag of their country, or in my case… flags. I am of Dominican and Egyptian descent. To illustrate both of my cultures I brought in an Egyptian artifact and Dominican food. I brought in a miniature Sphinx because as soon as someone sees a sphinx or a pyramid, they automatically think of Egypt. I also brought mashed plantains with fried cheese to share. This food definitely represents my Dominican heritage because when I go to the Dominican Republic, this is all I eat for breakfast and sometimes dinner. Also, I have tons of plantains growing in the back of my house in Dominican Republic. I was worried that no one would like it but it turned out to be a hit.

I think “A Taste of Our Heritage” took us out of our comfort zones, in a good way. Sampling all of the different foods helped us learn a lot about each other, which was our ultimate goal. Unfortunately, this event leaves us on a bittersweet note since the summer is close to an end, and we will soon have to part from each other. But, as a happy reminder of our global feast, we collected the recipes and created our own cookbook to keep.

Kudos to the heritage event committee: Oseia, Devina, Siddiqa, Haja, and Ollie and our program leaders Jamie and Bonnie.

Photo of the HSAPS. Laila is in front in the red dress.

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