Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mah Jongg is not just for Grandmas

The Wall Street Journal has just published this fantastic article about hip, young women who play mah jongg. The article mentions that at a certain museum (ours), staff members play during their lunch hour and even go to cool bars and caf├ęs in Brooklyn to play and drink wine or old fashioned cocktails. I think it is safe to say that it’s all true.

Despite my mom’s original misgivings when I started playing 10 years ago that my love for the game meant I was destined turn into my grandmother at a young age, as the Journal reports, the game is experiencing some new popularity among my peers, none of whom will be retiring in Florida anytime soon. I can see why. The game makes for a great night out or night in. I also have to mention that it makes for a really cool exhibit, and a terrific Hanukkah gift for the hipster in your life.

*Image: Courtesy of Ruth Unger, President, National Mah Jongg League. Photograph by James Shanks Photography

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Ella said...

I loved this and you should teach me how to play some time (that is, some time before i inevitably retire to Florida).