Thursday, October 21, 2010

We Knew Her When!

Today I had lunch with the author of The Bookseller’s Sonnets, a fabulous mystery that follows the journey of an artifact from Tudor England through Nazi Germany to present day New York City. The artifact in question, a diary written by the daughter of Sir Thomas More, counsel to Henry VIII, lands on the desk of a curator at the not at all fictional Museum of Jewish Heritage. If you enjoyed Geraldine Brooks’ People of the Book or Dara Horn’s The World To Come, this is your kind of read.

Andi Rosenthal, MJH Communications Department Alumna (1999-2004), is the author of the book and I am interviewing her this Sunday at 1 p.m. During our lunch in The Heritage CafĂ©, we discussed the little known historical figure of Margaret More, who was just as educated as her brothers since her father was dedicated to knowledge and couldn’t fathom depriving his girls of an education.

Margaret and Daniel, the Jewish bookseller who befriends her, have the kind of relationship that I can see on screen or performed as an opera. Forbidden love never gets old. And neither do books about museums in Lower Manhattan that examine the Holocaust within the context of 20th century Jewish life.

We’re going to have a great conversation on Sunday. Join us!

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