Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Keeping Time with Andy Goldsworthy

Long-time reader, first-time staff blogger Deputy Director Ivy L. Barsky lets us know about a surprise visit from a special guest.

The creative team continues to meet on a regular basis about the concept design for the next phase of the Keeping History Center (KHC). On a break from one of these meetings last month, imagine what it meant to all of us to see Andy Goldsworthy sit down at Timekeeper.

Andy often visits the Museum when he's in the New York vicinity, but he hadn't been by in the last year to see our interactive addition to his New York masterpiece, Garden of Stones. Working with Potion and C&G Partners on Timekeeper, we were all very mindful of Andy and our visitors while we were developing it. Knowing how he cares about time--as much or more of a medium in his work as wood or stone--we were confident that the very notion of Timekeeper would be attractive to him. Nonetheless, the fact that he loves it as much as we do, and even noted what respect it has for the Garden, made us feel pretty good about what we have accomplished.

While the lush trees of summer are gone from the Garden, now is a good time to see fall transition into winter real time, while Timekeeper can take you back through hours, days, weeks and seasons. Scroll back, too, to see the planting of the oak saplings seven years ago. Sadly, a surprising number of those who planted with us are no longer here. But that's just another strong reminder of why we're here, how important it is to remember, and that we are all a vital part of the history we keep.

[Editor's note: You can always keep an eye on the Garden by checking out the daily image.]

Photo of Andy Goldsworthy by Jared Schiffman.

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