Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

We wish you an enlightening Festival of Lights and a season of miracles. Normally we like to share a latke recipe or two, but this year we have a more personal gift.

Hannah Senesh, at the age of 12, wrote this Hanukkah poem. The handwritten original is in the Fire in My Heart exhibition, and I particularly enjoy her little calligraphed flourishes between stanzas. The poem was written on Dec. 10, 1933 in Budapest. The translation is by George (Gyorgy) Greskovits.

It is Hanukkah, and the candle flames flare
And all Jewish hearts beat, throb, bare.

We recall the image of heroes
The disappeared ancient peoples.

The period of Pharaohs, the Greek oppression
neither could break our will for expression.

We took the Torah, took it with us
We drew faith from it into all of us.

We walked through the plains hungry and thirsty,
but God was with us, so we were never lonely.

And we who stem from such ancestry
should not despair, but continue to fight
as we are reassured by the candle light;
do not quail Israel, there is still hope.

See all of the poems we printed in conjunction with the exhibition available in the Pickman Museum Shop.

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