Friday, February 25, 2011

We'll Miss You, Project Mah Jongg

And so it is upon us, that day we knew would come: the final day of Project Mah Jongg. This Sunday marks the end of tiles clacking in the galleries, ladies from Long Island arriving in foursomes, and the general spirit that permeated the rotunda gallery. There is no doubt that we have created moments of nostalgia and splendid memories for multiple generations of women (let’s be honest). And though we are despondent in PMJ’s final hours in New York, this is not the end. We are ready to begin a long-distance, committed relationship with the exhibition as it leaves us to travel around the country.

Look for Project Mah Jongg in the following cities beginning this fall:

Keep an eye on to learn where the exhibition will be next. And fear not, all things mah jongg will still be available online in the Pickman Museum Shop.

Thanks for everything, Melissa and Ivy!


Betsy said...

Also, for those of you that missed the Mah Jongg Marathon, stay tuned for next year's event.

Anna said...

We have a number of clients in the New York area who are avid Mah Jongg players.

Project Mah Jongg at the Museum gave them one more reason to love the game. They tell us they loved the idea of visiting the Museum and learning more about the game through the exhibit. Many of our products were also offered at the gift shop which allowed them to do "on the spot" purchase.

I personally travelled from Jupiter, Florida just to see the exhibit and was very pleased with the effort and job done by all involved in presenting this popular game of the craks, bams and dots to the public.

Kudos to everyone involved for this wonderful event.

Anna Rosen