Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Snake Takes Manhattan

Yesterday, when I was home sick, I was catching up with the news and dismayed to hear about the trouble our colleagues at the Bronx Zoo are having as they try to locate their missing cobra. It really put my missing stapler into perspective.

Luckily, the animal trainers and communications office prepared the snake well for real-world challenges like map reading, typing, and social media skills. He has been having a grand old time tweeting about his adventures via his iPhone.

While I was reluctant to join Twitter and I harbor a fear of snakes, together they make a delightful combination. Who knew?

Our Communications team has been following the cobra’s escapades with great interest. We have even invited him to stop by the Museum since he has recently been on Wall Street and at Ellis Island. So now is a great time to follow us on Twitter and see what happens. We don’t bite. I doubt you’ll get the same promise from the snake.

1 comment:

News Hound said...

You know ... just the picture of that snake scares me. I can't imagine what's it's thinking -- so I'll stay off it's twitter account