Wednesday, April 13, 2011

May the Tiles Be in Your Favor

This is an exciting week around the offices of the Museum. Not only are we getting ready for Passover, but this week the new 2011 mah jongg cards have arrived in the Pickman Museum Shop. As you know, the Museum staff is full of mah jongg devotees. We’ve been eagerly anticipating the new cards for months. There have been many discussions about which hands we’ll miss and which ones we will be glad to never see again. At first glance, the card looks challenging, but well organized with fewer concealed hands other than in the “Singles and Pairs” section of the card. Once you are familiar with the new card, feel free to stop by the Museum’s cafĂ© around lunch time and play a hand or two with us. We wish you luck and lots of jokers in the coming year.

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