Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Congratulations, JDC!

Our friends at the American Joint Distribution Committee launched a new website last week that will help survivors and others fill in some blanks in history. Called The Shared Legacy, the site allows people to participate in three key ways:

  • By looking at photographs and tagging people to help identify them;

  • By searching 500,000 historic documents by family name, survivors can look for their names or those of friends and loved ones; and

  • By sharing their own experiences with the JDC.

As the JDC told us, once aid was provided, people went on to live their lives and it was difficult to keep track of these folks. Whether the JDC helped in a Displaced Persons Camp or offered assistance in immigrating to a new country, they want to collect these stories on the website.

Here is a great AP story that spells out how fascinating this archive is, citing among other examples a list of 426 boys taken from Buchenwald to Paris by the JDC; one of those boys was Elie Wiesel.

This spring, all kinds of organizations are asking the public for help in identifying or otherwise filling in missing information. The USHMM launched its Remember Me project and in a separate project working with, they launched the World Memory Project to create the largest online resource of information of victims of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution.

We always suggest starting with JewishGen when you begin search for lost friends or loved ones, but just think of how powerful all of these amazing resources can work together.

Photo courtesy of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC).

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