Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Great Writers and Important Books Now Available On E-Readers

Today’s post is from our colleagues at Open Road Media. We’re grateful that they are making these works available as e-books and hope that they will find a new audience.

In honor of Jewish American Heritage Month, we are excited to celebrate the lives and works of two women who are crucial to our history: Ruth Gruber and Lucy Dawidowicz. While Ruth Gruber is known for being an award-winning journalist, photographer, and humanitarian, and Lucy Dawidowicz for being an influential historian, both women shared the same essential drive: to tell the stories that must be told, and to tell them well.

Today we will share some of these stories.

When Ruth Gruber’s book Haven was published, the New York Times called it “a visceral jolt.” The people agreed. Haven tells the powerful story of a top-secret mission to rescue on thousand European refugees in the midst of the Second World War. A simulated general with the approval of the US Government, Gruber escorted the refugees on this secret mission across the Atlantic to Oswego, New York. Each day carried the threat of Nazi capture. And each day, Gruber recorded the fears, dreams, and stories of the passengers aboard the ship.

A poignant and engrossing story of suffering under Nazi persecution and bravery in the face of the most overwhelming of circumstances, Haven is a book that has changed the lives of many. It is a book that must be read—not just by those concerned with the Holocaust or Jewish-American history, but by all Americans.

Click here for an excerpt of Haven.

Prior to the 1983 release of Haven was the release of Lucy Dawidowicz’s The War Against the Jews: 1933–1945. Written with devastating detail, the book is one of the most definitive and comprehensive books on one of history’s darkest chapters. When released in 1975, it inspired waves of both acclaim and controversy: Dawidowicz argued that genocide was, to the Nazis, as central a war goal as conquering Europe; from the rise of anti-Semitism to the creation of Jewish ghettos to mass murder, she explored in full detail the history of Hitler’s “Final Solution.” The New York Times called it, “a clarification of modern history’s most horrifying passages.” Readers across the web call it “the most comprehensive, best documented, and well-written book to have appeared on the subject of the Holocaust,” and the single volume of history anyone should start with.

Click here for an excerpt of The War Against the Jews: 1933–1945.

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Click here to watch and grab a documentary quality video of Ruth Gruber.

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