Friday, August 26, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

Considering the amount of activity that has taken place inside the Museum today, I would have to say that the phrase “the calm before the storm” is an absurd statement. The staff has spent the past four-and-a-half hours de-installing artifacts from the first floor. Today is one of those “other duties as assigned” kinds of days. As Gabe took a torah from its case, the torah that was supposed to be in the Nazi Museum of the Extinct Jewish Race, he found the act of safeguarding the torah to have incredible poignancy. Caroline and I took the wedding dress on its mount from the first floor to the prep room. I noticed that the groom’s kittel was kept in a separate area. Ever the modest pair, our little couple.

Erica B, Melissa, Ilona, Alice, and Indra were our Collections and Exhibitions staff here today, and Suzanne, Jackie, Lisa, and Trevor stepped in to provide assistance. We were also joined by former staff Matt P. and Andy to help open the cases and remove artifacts. Lisa maintained her Communications role by taking pictures.

Mike, John, Frank, Scottie, and Nelson and the rest of the Operations gang sandbagged, covered the library in plastic, moved security equipment, moved crates and cases, and continue to preserve the safety of our building.

Matt S., Sarah, and Kim wrapped up the Fazioli piano and moved the stage’s curtain.

Dara, Chris, Bonnie, Paul, and Tracy packed up the Resource Center; Warren packed up the Shop with the help of Paula, Jessica, William, and Suzanne.
David K and Alex shut down, unplugged, took offline, and removed all of our computers from the first floor that handle everything from the AV system in classrooms to the ticketing system at the front desk.

George kept answering the phones telling people we were closed.

David M. kept us all focused on this important work even while contemplating his own evacuation from Lower Manhattan.

And these are just the activities I saw with my own eyes.

And now that the Mayor has declared a mandatory evacuation of Battery Park City and other coastal communities, we will soon leave the building, say the Tefilat HaDerech (the prayer for safe journey) and join our families and friends to ride out the storm.

Be safe.

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Savti One said...

As usual the museum staff steps up and gets the job done. Thanks to all who worked so hard to preserve and protect our precious artifacts. Thank G-d in the end the precautions proved unecessary. We sure dodged the bullet this time. Great Job all. The Gal Eds thank you all!
Helen Schulman