Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What We're Reading Now - Sarah's Key

Like any other book club, the Museum’s staff book club is often intrigued by what other people are reading. Once they know about the book club, board members, gallery educators, and other staff members who like to read but don’t like “organized” reading suggest books and sometimes even insist that we read them. For example, Nancy Fisher, who is both a Trustee and a gallery educator, is one of our go-to book critics. She tends to read books well before the professional reviewers. If she says to read something, we highly recommend that you do.

Sarah’s Key is one of those books that we have heard a lot about, so this month that is our choice. Working at a museum that teaches about the Holocaust, we all read a lot of important and powerful fiction and non-fiction books, but I must say that this one is especially absorbing and impossible to put down. Is it historically accurate, well written, or emotionally overwrought? How does the film stand up to the book? Pick up a copy at the Pickman Museum Shop and read along with us and join the conversation. Or, if you have already read it or seen the movie, let us know what you think, but please, don’t ruin the end for those who haven’t finished it yet. Suggestions for future discussions are also welcome.

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