Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Inspiring Fall Flowers

This blog comes from our gardening beat reporter and photographer, Keika.

Fall is here, and everyone has their own way of celebrating this season and the harvest festival of Sukkot. You can either seek a sukkah near you (see previous blog entry) or you can check out the Fall Flowers of Japan at the New York Botanical Gardens (on view through October 30). I went to see it this past weekend and was deeply inspired by the beautiful and intricate displays of Japanese chrysanthemums, or kiku. I was especially amazed by the ozukuri, a display of hundreds of flowers all grown from a single stem (seen in photo), which can take up to 11 months to create. The attention-to-detail and execution are unparalleled. The show also features the ogiku, a single or triple stem display, and the kengai, a display of cascading flowers. I was so moved by these exquisite flowers that I went back to see them a second and third time. If you are looking for some inspiration this season, or a place of tranquility, I highly recommend seeing this show.

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