Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Special Announcement for Kristallnacht

While we commemorate the Holocaust every day at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, there are certain days on the calendar that have particular resonance. One of those days is Kristallnacht, a wave of organized violent attacks in Germany and Austria against Jews, Jewish homes, synagogues, and businesses that started on November 9 in 1938.

To mark the anniversary, this year we are announcing the addition of a very important resource to the Museum’s holdings.

Starting today, the Museum will be the only public institution in New York where visitors can access video testimonies from Holocaust survivors and other witnesses collected by the USC Shoah Foundation Institute which was established in 1994 by Steven Spielberg to collect and preserve the testimonies of survivors and other witnesses of the Holocaust.

The Museum’s resource center will have 2,500 testimonies available from several countries in multiple languages. The interviewees include Holocaust survivors, rescuers, and liberators. Survivors of many religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds are represented including Jews, Roma and Sinti survivors, political prisoners, and homosexuals.

For more information regarding this free resource, please call 646.437.4290. In the meantime,please visit the USC Shoah Foundation Institute's website to watch testimony from survivors of Kristallnacht.

Image from our collection:

Image of the destruction done to the family home of Henry Bauer in Mannheim, Germany on Kristallnacht. On Kristallnacht, Bauer’s father was arrested and many of his family’s belongings were destroyed. Bauer took these photographs to record the damage done to his home.

Bauer immigrated to London in 1939 and then to the US in 1940, where he settled in New York.

Gift of Henry Bauer in memory of Irma, Ludwig and Werner Bauer

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