Friday, December 23, 2011

Keeping up with Macy’s, Saks, and Bergdorf’s

This blog is by Lisa, who wandered past what sounds like a Jewish version of a Disney World ride, but even cooler.

With the holiday season comes a plethora of pop-up stores, each unique in its own way. One in particular caught my attention: the Chanukah Super Store. And, it really is true to its name.

Chanukah Super Store features two spectacular holiday display windows. The backdrop for the displays is a shtetl home, with one scene featuring life-size, moving figures of a family, all gathered around the table playing with a dreidel and lighting a menorah. This window also features a monitor showing how a wooden dreidel is made. It’s beautiful to see the wood on the lathe and Hebrew letters delicately hand painted on.

The other delightful display window is a life-size scene of menorah candles and oil being made, pre-industrialization. There’s also a monitor showing how olives are processed to make the oil.

In the store itself, is a cornucopia of kosher candies in all forms, including parve and milk, as well as Hanukah games (I couldn’t resist Texas Dreidel, a holiday version of Texas Hold ‘Em).

Located on Avenue M and East 16th Street in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn, Chanukah Super Store will remain open through the Hanukkah holiday. Hurry!

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