Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Only in New York—Happy Hanukkah Edition

This story was told to us by Lisa, who didn’t have time to blog herself today.

As you may know, our busiest day of the year is December 25. With not much else open, we welcome lots of locals and tourists to the Museum for public programs, tours, and family friendly offerings. As we prepare for December 25th, we try to figure out how to make our visitors’ trip to the Museum as memorable as possible. One thing we like to do for our visitors is have a list of local restaurants which are open that day. So this week we called around to the usual suspects (Jewish delis, hotel restaurants, and Asian establishments) to inquire whether they would or would not be open and if so, which hours.

I was delighted and surprised when I called Budda Bodhai, a vegetarian Chinese eatery on Mott Street. After confirming that they are indeed open, my next question was whether they are kosher and if so, what is their certification. The genial Asian gentleman who answered the phone said, “Yes, we are kosher, Baruch HaShem!”

Only in New York.

We wish you all a Happy Hanukkah.

Photo from Budda Bodhai's website from the New York Times. Photo by James Estrin.

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Randi Goldsmith said...

Yes, only in New York. What a lovely story.