Monday, January 9, 2012

From Uzbekistan to Battery Park

A touching story in the New Jersey Jewish News tells of two Holocaust survivors and their Muslim niece that have finally reunited after decades. We’re humbled that they spent part of their reunion here, at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, where Gulnora Jurajeva of Uzbekistan learned more about her family’s history.

Jurajeva’s cousin, Rob Stevens, had begun a search two years ago in order to try to find his mother’s long-lost sister, Frima who was separated from the family at a forced labor camp. While Frima passed away in 1984, he managed to get in touch with her daughter, Gulnora. After dealing with months of red tape, the family secured a visa for Gulnora’s visit. She told the family, through a translator that “She is so sad that her mother never had a chance to experience this, but she is very happy to be with her family.”

We wish them many happy times together.

Photo of Rob Stevens and Gulnora Jurajeva. Courtesy of Rob Stevens.

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