Monday, January 30, 2012

In the Archives

I have had the pleasure of going through hundreds of old files...I mean archives, over the past few days. I have read through my share of files that contain one piece of paper, usually an ancient photocopy of a newspaper from 1995 with FILE written on it. I have tossed those faster than you can say reuse, renew, recycle. But one folder made me pause and not just because it was entitled World Wide Web.

Inside was a survey distributed by the building management that leased office space to the Museum before the Museum moved downtown. Set the time machine for 1996, and answer these questions to the best of your ability:

How many of your company’s employees use a computer?
Do any of your employees currently use the Internet at work? If no, would you like to make this resource available to them?
Does your company have a web-page? If yes, is it hosted “in-house?”
Do you use e-mail in your office? If no, would you like to?
Which of the following do you use regularly? Please check all that apply: overnight delivery service; fax machine; courier service
Do you use the Internet as a marketing tool? If no, would you like to learn how?
Would you be interested in learning how to use a Web site to publicize your business?
And finally, would you like to attend a free seminar about maximizing the Internet as your company’s communications tool for the 21st century?

Lisa suggested that when the world was being created a similar survey might have been sent out:

Are your employees currently using light? If yes, would your employees benefit from having light in the expansive sky separate from night?
Would your employees benefit from working on an expanse of land or in the midst of water?
Would you be open to sharing your work space with swarms of living creatures and birds that fly above the earth?

I am not equating the invention of the Internet with the creation of the world, but for our colleagues for whom the Internet has always existed, it is hard to imagine one necessity of life without the other.

P.S. I am keeping the file marked World Wide Web. It is now a file called Hilarious.

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