Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mensch in the Making

Zach Levin will become a bar mitzvah this December. Zach, who hails from Upper Saddle River, NJ, has made the Museum of Jewish Heritage Gallery Educator Program his mitzvah project. The funds Zach raises will help support costs associated with Gallery Education, and will go toward in-service training and materials needed for a rigorous course of study at the Museum before leading tours of the exhibitions for tens of thousands of students and other groups. The Gallery Educators attend 16 weeks of course work (including hearing from survivors and scholars), complete reading assignments, and practice in the galleries for eight weeks after completing the course.

Zach's bar mitzvah project will help ensure that our volunteers are current on exhibition content, research, and teaching methods working within the context of modern Jewish history and Holocaust remembrance. These volunteers are dedicated to educating about Jewish life and history and helping our visitors consider issues of social justice, civic responsibility, and fighting intolerance. Zachary’s gift will help our Gallery Educators fulfill this important mission, and we are most grateful.

On Sunday, March 12 Zach came to tour the Museum with Gallery Educator Sol Rosenkranz. I learned from his father Chaim that Zach’s grandfather was a partisan from Vilna. Pictured here are Zach, his mom Randi, sister Amanda, dad Chaim and Sol.

Photo by Caroline Earp

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