Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why We Think Brooklyn's Streets Are Safer

Director of Education Elizabeth Edelstein mentioned to me that she ran into former High School Apprentice Michael Boykin (2003) on the Dekalb subway platform this morning. He was on his way to work as an Assistant District Attorney in the Brooklyn courthouse.

Seeing his smiling face she said she couldn’t help but kvell at the accomplishments of “our Mike.” Liz went on: I could say who would have imagined … but the truth is that if you were to exchange his dapper suit for a tee shirt, you’d have the same poised and gracious Mike.

Liz is not unfamiliar with Mike's grace under fire. They walked from Manhattan to Brooklyn together during the August 2003 blackout. During that walk, Liz says, Mike showed the same spirit and excellent judgment that "I’m sure serves us all well in his position as an ADA." When she expressed appreciation for his work making our city a safer place, Mike said with a modest grin, “I’m trying!”

Our newest class of High School Apprentices will graduate in June. I wonder what their career aspirations are?

Photo: Mike is the tall redhead on the right.

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