Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Let's face it -- one of the intangible benefits of working late and seeing Biblical storms roll over New York Harbor is this little indication that the storm has passed. Whether one believes that the rainbow is a promise to Noah and his family that God will never again bring a deluge to destroy humankind, or that the rainbow already existed and God decided that it would make a nice symbol of the covenant with Noah, or that it is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that results when the sun shines on water droplets (you know, like rain, a whole lot of rain) in the Earth's atmosphere, you have to admit it is quite pretty. Shari, Clara, and I went into the stairway to get a better look at said rainbow, and Clara snapped this picture. While the skies over NJ are clear as can be, the skies over Brooklyn...not so much. I hope to be home for dinner soon, hon.

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