Thursday, July 12, 2012

These Are the People in Our Neighborhood

If we haven’t gone on and on about our neighborhood must-read, The Battery Park City Broadsheet, that’s our error. An e-version is e-mailed each morning, there is a website, and for those of you who kick it old school, there is a print version as well. We were avid readers when it was print exclusively, but after Sept. 11, when the paper continued to publish even though publishers Robert and Alison Simko and their family were displaced from their home in Battery Park City, it became even more important to us. It is a fabulous resource for information about Community Board meetings, the curious and ever-changing pace of Pier A’s redevelopment, events downtown, and a way to reach our own community. As Lisa says, “The Broadsheet is one of the things that makes Battery Park City feel like a small town in a big city.”

We are singing its praises today because they just published The Doorman’s Guide to Lower Manhattan. Now one does not have to be employed in the door opening industry to benefit from this little gem. Who knew there were 26 restaurants in Battery Park City? Or that there is an urgent care center open 24/7 on Chambers Street? Or that Wagner Park had Wi-Fi? There are listings for places in Tribeca, the Financial District, and the Seaport in addition to Battery Park City.
If you can get your hands on this little guide we recommend it.

Image: Cover of The Doorman’s Guide to Lower Manhattan, courtesy The Battery Park City Broadsheet.

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