Sunday, October 28, 2012

Preparing for an Unwelcome Guest

Writing this blog, I look out my office window and it looks no different than any other cool fall day, overcast with water the color of slate. The calm of the sea is unsettling.

The Collections and Exhibitions staff: Melissa, Erica B, Jen, Alice, Bryn, Rachel G, Ilona, Danielle, along with Erica M, Caroline, Matt P, and Thorin, have done an amazing job de-installing the first floor...again. On the bright side, Irene gave us a good dress rehearsal.

Liz, Amanda, and Beth and Gal Eds like Annie B and Mae handled groups and teacher training with aplomb today, even without much time on the first floor.

George, Jessica, Dganit, and Karen welcomed visitors and kindly told our guests that their experiences here would be limited.

Melissa, Rebecca, Gabe, and Abby L gave our intrepid guests a great afternoon of Hava-inspired activity. We are waiting for them to go so that we can prepare the Hava exhibition for the storm.

A large media event that was to take place here tomorrow and Tuesday was cancelled, and Mike, Rachel, John, Frank, Matt and all of Operations have helped them with their logistics.

Warren, Peter, Moriah, Kathy, and Sherry have prepared the shop well. The more people buy, the less has to be moved we say.

The Fazioli piano is dressed for a storm, thanks to my husband John.

A nice young man from Miami who usually covers hurricanes in Florida for a local TV station came by to talk to me and take some video of the empty cases.

Most of us will leave between 4 and 5, and some of the staff will stay to make sure the building and all that it holds remains safe. When I leave later this evening, I will recite the words that greet us when we enter the Museum: There is hope for your future.

Be safe one and all. Check the blog, Twitter, and Facebook for updates. We are closed tomorrow. We'll see what Tuesday brings.

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