Monday, January 7, 2013

The Return of an Old Friend

It seems like I am always writing about transit news regarding the Museum. I still marvel how life changing it was to connect the R, A, C, and F at Jay St-Borough Hall, and now that the R continues on its merry way to Manhattan after a two-month hiatus as a shuttle in Brooklyn one could hardly dare to contemplate how our transit lives could be further improved in Lower Manhattan, besides the obvious of course … the re-opening of that beautiful South Ferry Station. Until that time, we can tell you about the return of the M9.

The M9 was a Battery Park City presence until service cuts ended our romance in 2010. But as part of the MTA’s Service Enhancement Plan, the M9 began rolling through BPC yesterday. It looks like the closest stop to MJH will be South End Ave and W. Thames St, but you can look for yourself on this Manhattan bus map. If you scroll to the right on the bottom, you can enlarge the PDF to make it legible. I am a fan of that purple color. For transit information you can use all the time, be sure to visit the MTA’s website and see apps galore for your real time subway service updates.

We are always looking at ways to encourage visitation, and access to more public transit is just one inexpensive way.

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