Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Meeting the Person Behind the Photo

This blog comes from our communications assistant, Emily.

Last week, I stepped away from my desk for just a moment and returned to find a message on my phone from a woman named Lily Glass. I recognized the name immediately and hurried to call her back. Anyone who has ever given a tour here at MJH would understand my excitement at having received a message from her.          

On the second floor of the Core Exhibition, there is a photograph of a nun standing with a group of young girls in front of the Maison du Saint Coeur de Marie convent in Belgium. Mrs. Glass was one of the girls. She was hidden by the nuns of this convent during the Holocaust, and was fortunate to have been reunited with her family after the war.
This photograph is featured on the tours of the museum and in classroom presentations as well.  As a former Lipper Intern, I have used this photograph to discuss the experiences of hidden children during the Holocaust countless times. It was wonderful to be able to actually speak with Mrs. Glass on the phone.
She was delighted to hear that her photograph and her experiences have reached thousands of school children throughout the Tri-state area through tours and classroom visits.

At the beginning of a tour, we often ask students what they think it means for our museum to be a Living Memorial to the Holocaust. For me, this phone call embodies that aspect of our Museum perfectly. Our artifacts illustrate how the Holocaust was experienced by individuals, many of whom are still very much a part of our community. We are grateful to those, like Mrs. Glass, who share their stories and entrust us with their photos and their artifacts. 

Photo courtesy of Lily Glass

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