Monday, June 24, 2013

Bippity, Bobbity, Bubbeleh

I love going to Broadway shows and being transported into new worlds, but this past weekend, at a performance of Cinderella, I felt like I was back in a very old story.

The revival of the Rodgers and Hammerstein had an updated book, which was witty, charming, and even a little inspiring — maybe for good reason. In thinking about it, I finally figured out why.

The performance featured a prince who staged a ball in order to meet the woman of his dreams. In waltzed a young lady who, known for her kindness and wisdom as well as her beauty, captured his attention.  At the urging of her friend, despite the risk of the court finding out her true background, she gathered her courage. Instead of whispering compliments in his ears, she took advantage of her position to warn the prince that her people were being oppressed. The prince had no idea what his evil advisor was doing. Dismayed, the prince put an end to the tyranny and helped restore justice in his kingdom, making Cinderella’s friend a candidate for prime minister. 

Is it me, or could this just as easily be a dramatic retelling of the Book of Esther? 

I think Oscar Hammerstein would have kvelled.

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Peter Vanlaw said...

Revised book or not, if the performance was as good as you say, then Rogers and Hammerstein should be happy, wherever they may be resting. Wil Shakespeare's stories have been changed for far longer without sullying his reputation.