Monday, July 1, 2013

A Slice of Nice in the Big Apple

This post comes from Erica, our senior registrar, who is usually busy managing several exhibitions across the country. However, today she took the time to tell us about random acts of kindness she witnessed and participated in on the 4 train.
We have all heard the stories about busy, fast moving, fast talking New Yorkers who walk around with blinders on and i-Pods in. 

This morning as I was riding the 4 Express to work, a young women slowly passed out on the train. First she slid down the wall, then she slowly toppled over. The whole car sent up a moan of concern then went into action.  Someone gently repositioned her, other people called to see if there was a doctor on the car and yet others created a human voice chain with the conductor (the emergency phone on the car did actually work). 

 Then a call went out for water and it came from various parts of the car.  When the train pulled into the 14th street station two passengers got out of the train with her until we found the conductor. I stayed with her, and tried to call her mom until the police came.  There was no cell service in the station. I asked if I could call her family from above ground as we couldn’t  reach her mom below. I was finally able to speak with the young women’s grandmother to tell her what happened and that her granddaughter was fine, but that the police would call her in about 15 minutes once the ambulance took her to the hospital.  I came back into the station to let her know that I reached her grandmother. I then took the train to work, happy that 
stereotypes of New Yorkers was shattered this morning.

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