Monday, June 23, 2014

Close Encounters of the Spielberg Kind: A Free Summer Film Series Launches This Week

This blog comes to us from Gabriel Sanders, who loves a good summer film.

It probably goes without saying that Steven Spielberg is one of the greatest filmmakers of our time — or all time. But even Spielberg’s biggest fans can lose sight of just how long and varied his career has been. Our free film series, held in the beautiful and air-conditioned Edmond J. Safra Theater, is designed to help drive this point home.

We'll kick things off with Harrison Ford’s first turn as the swashbuckling archaeologist Indiana Jones, in the 1981 blockbuster Raiders of the Lost Ark (June 25). Set in 1936, the film follows Indy as he tries to track down the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis do.

From there, we move forward eight years to 1944, the Normandy landings, and Saving Private Ryan (July 2). After opening with what is considered one of the greatest battle scenes in cinema history, the film follows a group of U.S. soldiers behind enemy lines to retrieve a stranded paratrooper.

We’ll then time travel from World War II history to the realm of prehistory and the dinosaurs of Spielberg’s 1993 sci-fi thriller Jurassic Park (July 9). On July 16, we turn to the historical drama Amistad, the story of a slave-ship mutiny that became a Supreme Court case and key moment in the fight for abolition.

We then look to the stars and the UFOs of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (July 23).

As we near the mournful holy day of Tisha B’Av, we’ll screen Spielberg’s Holocaust epic, Schindler’s List (July 30).

During early August, amid the period affectionately known as Shark Week, we’ll screen Jaws (August 6). This screening is co-sponsored by the Young Friends of the Museum.

And finally, to wrap things up, we look back to outer space and head home with E.T. (August 13). Our High School Apprentices are co-sponsors of this film.

Movies will screen at 6:30 P.M. every Wednesday from June 25 through August 13. Fabulous raffle prizes will be given away at each screening.

The Museum’s public programs are made possible through a generous gift from Mrs. Lily Safra.

Image: Copyright Paramount Pictures

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