Monday, June 30, 2014

Rudolf Kasztner: Hero or Villain?

1944 was a monumental year in Hungarian history;you have probably noticed a number of 70th anniversary commemorations this year. The efforts of one man in particular stand out. Rudolf Kasztner was a Hungarian Jew who negotiated with Adolf Eichmann to bring more than 1,6000 Hungarian Jews to safety by putting them on a train to Switzerland. It came to be known as Kasztner’s Train. Some viewed him as a hero; others as a traitor. After he moved to Israel, he was tried and convicted as “The Man who Sold His Soul to the Devil.” He was assassinated in 1957.

Director/Producer/Writer Gaylen Ross made a documentary about Kasztner in 2008. It is a documentary full of intrigue that illustrates that the line between hero and villain is often blurred. There are interviews with family and foe alike, including conversations with the assassin who broke his silence and revealed the plot that resulted in his killing Kasztner.

On June 30, this 2 DVD set will be available to the public on and the Killing Kasztner website. If you purchase the DVD on the Killing Kasztner website, and use code MJH, you will receive a 15% discount. There are more than three hours of bonus features including interviews with Kasztner survivors, and other key players who figure prominently in the story.

Learn much more about Kasztner and the film on the movie website

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